Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

In honor of my mother, who would be 80 tomorrow, I uploaded an album of photos of her, pictures my brother and I used to create a collage for her memorial service in 2008. I love that they're out of sequence; you get to jump around in a life and momentarily forget its ... well, its finity. In the shadow of Alzheimer's, the collage and attendees' reminiscences helped restore my memories of my mother as witty, artistic, imaginative, creative and above all fun.

Among the many, many lessons in this album: If your father is the editor of a newspaper, you'll wind up with some cool childhood photos.

My mom loved sunbathing. This swimming suit is cute, but clearly it would leave weird tan lines.

This photo always makes me think of Dorothy Gale in "The Wizard of Oz."

Mom is in the middle row, far left. Her friend Janet is sitting in front of her.

Not sure if this is in college or a job. She worked in the ad department for Better Homes & Gardens, where she met my dad.
In front of the brick wall in the living room.

1940s glamor.

1980s glasses.

Itasca State Park in northern Minnesota.

Three generations: Mom, my brother, my niece.

Mom winning a high-school art contest. She had art talent, but aparently decided she was a better writer. Same here.

At the nursing home.

Note the similarities between the two photos above, more than half a century apart.
In her days of working as an ad copywriter for Dayton's.

What a smile.

My late uncle John far left, was 15 when he played the piano at my parents' wedding.
Mom and the now-16-year-old.
With my grandma. So '30s.

This one of my mom and grandpa might be my favorite of all these photos. Note rakish angle, doffed fedora, matching smiles.
 Mom's outfit would be perfectly fashionable today.

Obviously, this one was taken after my tonsillectomy. The painting above the couch is by my mom.

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